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The firm has deep middle market experience and a legacy of investments spanning 3 decades (See Legacy Portfolio) relating back to the early 1990′s.  Our generalist strategy yields the very best transactions along all business cycles; nonetheless, meaningful experience exists in certain industry segments such as healthcare, consumer products, light manufacturing, distribution, and recurring revenue and route-based businesses.


Yukon has deep relationships within the private equity community and has completed transactions with over 30 sponsors and multiple transactions with many. We also have strong relationships with other mezzanine investors and regularly partner with them on larger and strategic transactions. Our friends in the senior lending community also support us with referrals and prenegotiated terms that provide more expedient closings.


Yukon is widely known for its flexibility. Our decades of industry experience provides vast knowledge of financing terms and conditions and transaction structures so that we can tailor our investment to meet your needs. Further, we are not burdened by a large investment committee or a decentralized office platform that often promotes rigid processes, tardy responses, and a “one-size-fits-all” model.


Discipline can sometimes be at odds with flexibility, but at Yukon Partners, that is not the case. We acutely understand our business and can quickly articulate our positions, abilities and certainly constraints. We are committed to the long term success of our business, and our discipline serves as a safeguard. Our discipline prompts quick and thoughtful responses and certainly prohibits the dreaded “retrade”.