September 16, 2015

Yukon Supports Ancor Capital’s Joint Venture in Advanced Tissue

MINNEAPOLIS (September 16, 2015) — Yukon Partners (“Yukon”), a provider of mezzanine capital for middle market private equity transactions, is pleased to announce its investment in Advanced Tissue, LLC (the “Company”), a provider of non‐prescription, physician-recommended traditional and active wound care supplies located in Little Rock, Arkansas.


The Company specializes in the assembly and shipment of patient‐specific, single‐use wound care packages (“unit‐dose packages”) for home use as well as to patients at long-term care facilities. Each wound care package is recommended by a physician and is customized based on each patient’s wound type, wound location, risk of infection, and wound stage. This simplified and personalized approach minimizes patient effort and confusion in regard to the procurement and administration of wound care products, which can lead to increased positive outcomes in physician‐monitored wound care treatment.


Ancor Capital Partners (“Ancor”) sponsored the transaction whereby Ancor and Yukon acquired a joint venture interest along with founders of the Company, who will continue to operate the business on a day-to-day basis. Mezzanine capital was also provided by Yukon. Opus Bank served as the sole administrative agent and bookrunner on the senior credit facility.


Ancor will complement the management team’s vision with strategic guidance and financial expertise to accelerate growth while continuing to leverage the Company’s strong relationships with its physicians, clinics and long-term care facilities. Ancor will also leverage its transactional experience and network of industry contacts to find additional growth and sales opportunities.


“We are thrilled to partner with Advanced Tissue,” said Tim McKibben, Ancor Managing Partner. “The Advanced Tissue team has done a tremendous job building a strong and efficiently run company, and we are excited to come alongside and assist in growing Advanced Tissue to the next level.” McKibben added, “In addition to teaming with the founders, we are also very pleased to again partner with Yukon. We chose Yukon due to their experience in the healthcare industry and our strong working relationship which includes four prior investments.”


Bill Dietz, Managing Partner of Yukon, said, “We are once again excited to be partnering with the Ancor team as we greatly value their hands-on approach and vast experience within the healthcare industry. We are confident that with Ancor’s leadership coupled with the strong reputation and industry experience of the Company’s senior management team, Advanced Tissue will continue its impressive track record of growth.”


About Advanced Tissue

Advanced Tissue is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, and specializes in the production and shipment of patient‐specific, single‐use wound care packages to patients for home use as well as to patients at long-term care facilities. The Company simplifies the Medicare claim reimbursement process for patients by providing the exact products in the correct dosages on a timely basis. For more information, please visit


About Yukon Partners

Yukon Partners is an independent and unaffiliated mezzanine firm primarily serving middle market private equity sponsored business transactions with a typical investment range of $10 to $40 million in the U.S. and Canada. The transactions in which Yukon invests include buyouts, growth and platform strategies, recapitalizations, mergers/acquisitions, and public-to-private buyouts. Yukon Partners is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, please visit



About Ancor Capital Partners

Ancor Capital Partners, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is an operations-oriented private equity firm focused on lower middle-market manufacturing and distribution companies with EBITDA of $5-$15 million. Extensive operational experience gives the Ancor team a unique understanding of the critical business issues faced by lower middle-market companies. Ancor’s proven track record includes 39 acquisitions to date in health care, consumer and other industries. For more information, please visit


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William Dietz

Managing Partner

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